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General administration

Resources Management and Administrative Legal Services Directorate
The Directorate is composed of two departments - „Resources Management and Administrative Legal Services. The total number of officials is 29 employees.
Iliya Shilyashki
Head of Resources Management Department
Valentin Panchev
Head of Administrative Legal Services Department
The functions of the Directorate are:
1. organizes and performs financial-accounting activities of the Commission in conformity with the requirements of the Accountancy Law, the account plan of the budget enterprises, accounting standards and directions;
2. prepares and gives reason for draft annual budget and organizes the development of three year budget forecast;
3. prepares monthly allocation of the established annual budget in accordance with the economic elements of the Uniform Budget Classification;
4. organizes, prepares and presents monthly request for limit of the Commission’s payments in accordance with the Law for the State Budget of the Republic of Bulgaria for the corresponding year;
5. monitors the effective spending of the budget funding according to the released limits by observing the financial discipline;
6. suggests and prepares correction of the Commission’s annual budget;
7. summarizes the data and prepares monthly, quarterly and annual accounts for the cash execution of the Commission’s budget;
8. executes the accounting reporting following the legal requirements and guidance and draws up primary and secondary accounting documents and notes them in timely manner in the accounting registers; prepares monthly and annual turnover registers;
9. prepares the Commission’s annual financial report;
10. applies the system for double signing when it comes to undertaking the obligations and expenditures incurring;
11. stores the accounting documents in accordance with the requirements of the Accountancy Law and the internal rules and instructions;
12. supports the Chairman on the human resources management;
13. prepares and updates the positions and namely schedule of the Commission and its administration;
14. supports the drawing up of job characteristics with regard to the methodology, organization and technical actions;
15. prepares, updates and stores the servants and labour records of the officials of the administration;
16. organizes and is in charge for the preparation of the acts in connection with the occurrence, amendment and termination of the civil servants and labour contracts;
17. prepares and sends in the statutory term the notifications to the territorial department of the National Revenues Agency on the occurrence, amendment and termination of the legal relations with the officials of the Commission;
18. plans and supports the organization on the training of the officials for raising their qualification and career development;
19. prepares statistical inquiries on the salary and the movement of human resources in the Commission, prepares all certifying documents of the officials in connection with the civil servants and labour contracts;
20. organizes the management and the exploitation of the buildings;
21. prepares draft documents on the assignation of public tenders, participates in the performance of the procedures and organizes the activity on the preparation and storage of the concluded public tenders records.
22. executes the legal representation on lawsuits, connected civil servants and labour contracts, management of the proprietorship of the Commission and under the Law for Public Tenders and provides information to the Commission on their movement;
23. prepares draft ordinances for the execution of the orders of the Chairman of the Commission;
24. participates in the preparation and conclusion of contracts under which the Commission is party;
25. organizes and maintains the secretary activity according to the effective legislation and the internal acts;
26. organizes and ensures the archive of the Commission;
27. organizes and executes the movement of the correspondence that contains classified information and its archiving;
28. ensures and prepares the technical materials for the Commission’s meetings and the adopted acts;
29. ensures the connections of the Commission with the media after preliminary coordination with the Chairman of the Commission;
30. organizes briefings, press conferences, meetings and seminars;
31. analyzes the publications in the media about the Commission’s activity and informs on daily basis the Chairman and the members of the Commission;
32. performs secretarial services to the Chairman, the members of the Commission, and the officials from the Commission’s administration;
33. executes the protocol activity of the Commission and its administration in the country and abroad;
34. ensures the transportation servicing of the Commission and its administration, as well as the exploitation, repair works and maintenance of the auto-transportation technics in the Commission;
35. certifies copies of Commission’s acts;
36. ensures the defence-mobilizing preparation in the Commission;
37. ensures the preparation and the actions of the Commission in extraordinary cases, natural disasters, emergences and crises.
38. performs information and publicity activities related with projects realization;
39. examines and implements leading information and communication technologies;
40. ensures correct functioning of the means for processing and transfer of the information;
41. organizes the installation and maintenance of the system and specialized software.


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