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Secretary General

Desislava Toshkova-Nikolova
The Secretary General performs the general management of the administration as she:
1. is in charge of the execution of the assigned tasks stemming from the decisions of the Commission and the orders of the Chairman;
2. provides assistance to the Chairman and the members of the Commission by the performance of their powers;
3. organizes the Commission’s work;
4. organizes the execution of the Commission’s decisions and the control over their performance;
5. coordinates the tasks distribution between the administrative units and controls the observance of the deadlines for their execution;
6. organizes and is in charge of the preparation of draft internal acts of the Commission;
7. coordinates and controls the activities concerning the training and raising the qualification of the employees;
8. approves the job characteristics of the employees;
9. organizes, coordinates and controls the activities on attesting the state officials from the administration;
10. organizes the meetings and prepares draft agenda for the regular meetings.
11. performs other tasks assigned by the Commission and the Chairman.

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