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Who can make a copy of your ID card?

In the process of dynamic technological development, economy globalisation, and free data movement, the topic on the protection of individual privacy and private life becomes even more recent. Our goal is: to raise both citizens` awareness of exercising their rights in processing their personal data, and public involvement and responsibility for the protection against personal data abuse and identity theft.

Question: Is data in the ID Card "personal data"?

Answer: Yes. It is "personal data" since you can be identified by it in an indisputable way.

Question: Does the copy of ID Card represents "personal data processing"?

Answer: Yes. Making a copy of the ID Card is an action on personal data processing related to its collection and storage.

Question: Who has the right to copy ID Card?

Answer: Only Personal Data Controller who have legal grounds, stipulated by the law.

Question: Do I have the right to be notified by the Controller of why it is necessary to copy my ID Card?

Answer: Yes. Prior to copy your ID Card Personal Data Controller should notify you of:
· the purpose of copying;
· the recipients to which data may be disclosed;
· whether the copy is mandatory or voluntary;
· what are the consequences for you in the event of refusal;
· the right to access and adjustment of your data.

Question: Do banks, notaries, insurers, reinsurers and insurance agents have the right to copy the ID Cards of their customers?

Answer: Yes. Pursuant to the Measures Against Money Laundering Act they are obliged to identify customer by making a copy of ID Card and/or other official document of identity.

Question: Do mobile operators have the right to copy ID Cards of their customers?

Answer: No, they do not have. The Commission for Personal Data Protection have issued to all mobile operators a mandatory requirement for cancellation of making copy of identity documents of individuals for conclusion of the contract on public electronic communications service, as well as for deletion of the requirement for making copy of identity document from the Appendices to the contracts.

Question: Do employers have the right to copy emlpoyees’ identity cards when appointing them?

Answer: No. Employers are not allowed to copy their emlpoyees’ identity cards. They can only write down the data from the card and then return it to the holder.

Question: Do I have the right to refuse a copy of my ID Card?

Answer: Yes. You have the right to object to the Controller that you do not want to have your ID Card copied, if the Controller does not prove the existence of legal grounds for that specific case.

Question: How could I protect myself, in the event of improper copy of my ID Card?

1. You could submit your complaint to the Commission for Personal Data Protection within the period of 6 months of becoming aware of the offense, but not more than two years of its occurrence.
2. To appeal the actions of the Personal Data Controller before the relevant administrative court under the general rules of jurisdiction.


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