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The Commission for Personal Data Protection is an independent public authority which undertakes the protection of individuals in processing their personal data and in providing access to these data, as well as control on compliance with the Law for Protection of Personal Data. It is an independent, jointly governed authority and consists of a chairperson and four members. The members of the commission and its chairperson are elected by the Parliament by proposal of the Council of Ministers for a term of 5 years, and they may be re-elected for another mandate.
The Commission for Personal Data Protection was established by decision of the Parliament dated 23 May, 2002.
The members of the firs Commission for Personal Data Protection which grounded the protection of personal data in Bulgaria were:
Chairman – Ivo Borisov Stefanov
1.Krassimir Lubenov Dimitrov 
2.Stanimir Tzolov Tzvetkov
3.Evgeniy Ivanov Radev
4.Radi Petrov Romanski
On 19.12.2007 the nextstaff of the Commission was elected with a decision of the National Assembly:
Chairperson - Veneta Lyubenova Shopova
1.Krassimir Lubenov Dimitrov
2.Valentin Valchev Enev
3.Mariya Georgieva Mateva
4.Veselin Tsenov Tselkov
On April 15 2014 the 42nd National Assembly elected the new Commission for Personal Data Protection:
Chairperson - Ventsislav Kirilov Karadjov
1. Tzanko Valkov Tzolov
2. Tsvetelin Nikolov Sofroniev
3. Mariya Georgieva Mateva
4. Veselin Tsenov Tselkov

Commission for Personal Data Protection, Sofia, 2 Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd.